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From dining chair to chair

Chairs are just as indispensable as the other furniture. Both at home and at work, the optimal chair should be adapted to the sitting position of the person concerned. A good chair often has a slight backward tilt that supports the lumbar portion of the back. Of course, when purchasing a chair, one should not only pay attention to ergonomics and functionality, the design also plays an important role.

Part of your interior

Where there are tables, there are chairs! Chairs are parts that make our lives easier and can be found in almost every room of the apartment. In the hallway there is an antique chair to put on and take off the shoes, in the living room there is a large chair to relax on, in the office you can work on a designer desk chair and in the dining room there are modern dining chairs or country chairs to relax on. our convenience to dine. In addition, an orange chair or armchair can easily be placed in the bedroom on which you can put your clothes so that they can be worn the next day. And stacking chairs come in handy in the garden.

Dining chairs

Chairs that are especially often and intensively used are the dining room chairs or, in most homes, also called the kitchen chairs. We use them to have breakfast, lunch, enjoy dinner or just in between when we are sitting with family or friends. Because dining room chairs are used so frequently, it is important that the quality of this furniture is good and high.

Chairs to work

Since we use office chairs here for a few hours a day, care must be taken to ensure ergonomic seating comfort. The height of the seat, backrest and armrests determine comfort and determine whether we sit in a healthy and responsible manner. The backrest has the ideal height when it reaches the shoulder blades. The armrests, on the other hand, must be adjusted so that the arms are at a 90° angle for the perfect posture. At the seat height it is important that both feet touch the ground. And if you also choose your favorite color, for example an orange office chair, your working day can not go wrong. Just as important is the comfort of conference chairs; when you're shopping for your business, look beyond the design! A chair with wheels is very handy at work anyway.

High chairs

This type of chair is expressly characterized by its long and slender look. When a home has a bar or an extension of the kitchen counter, high chairs or bar stools are very convenient, stylish and essential. In addition to the bar, high chairs are also available for children who are just too big for a high chair, but too small for a normal dining room chair. This so-called junior chair is suitable for placing at the dining table, so that your little one can easily sit at the table without help and eat with you. Your little one will feel proud and tough on his own high chair!

Out of the box

Do you have a certain style at home, but do you want a nice edge to it? Then think out-of-the-box with the following chairs:

  • A baroque chair, or throne chair - or antique chairs - complements your existing interior and a lavish, generous atmosphere will soon blow your way.
  • Industrial chairs are often made of leather or metal and have a robust design.
  • To get an idyllic French feeling at home, you can place a few typical bistro chairs with a round table on your balcony or garden!
  • Cantilever chairs are characterized by the striking frame that is visible over the entire chair. The look is nice and retro and modern and absolutely a feast for the eyes.

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Popular seats?

  1. Colorful dining room chairs
  2. Flexible office chairs with castors
  3. Modern conference chairs
  4. Cozy bistro chairs
  5. Simple, white kitchen chairs
  6. Practical, stackable chairs
  7. Black seats for a classic look
  8. Faux leather upholstered seats
  9. Cantilever chairs without armrests

Special styles with colorful chairs

With colorful chairs you can bring a nice color effect to your interior. We have a few tips for you

  • Office with a retro look: an office chair in pink is perfect here. The retro style of the seventies loves color. Combine these colors with modern furniture and create a friendly and warm environment. For example, an orange office chair looks good on a lemon yellow carpet.
  • Shabby Chic dining room: in this style, the chairs and the rest of the furniture in the dining room do not have to match optimally. But one thing unites them: the traces of use.
  • The furniture is new, but with a nice vintage charm.
  • Glam for the dining room: elegant upholstered chairs, high backs and matching tablecloths on the table - finding chairs for the glamorous style is not that difficult. Everything that is comfortable and classically shaped can be used and combined. A bistro chair made of aluminum provides a French chic look.
  • Solid wood: For all lovers of natural wood, there are chairs and other kitchen furniture made of real, solid wood.

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